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QuickBooks Not Opening

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QuickBooks Not Opening

Quickbooks desktop support application users may face issues while opening up the QuickBooks application. It
may or may not give the error message however if it gives the error message then ensure to read the
message carefully and try understanding it whether it’s the QuickBooks program/ application is not
opening or the Database file/ Company file is not opening. Isolation and narrowing down the issue is
most important while troubleshooting with Quickbooks desktop support application or QuickBooks not
working situation.

Multiple QuickBooks Instances Opened

The very first thing to check is the instances of QuickBooks application working, i.e. at times one
instance of the Quickbooks desktop support is already running on the taskbar in the minimized state and we tend to
open another instance which may result in error while opening QuickBooks. How to check is very
simple step, Right click on the task bar and click to open the Task Manager then go to the Details tab and
find out how many instances are open for QuickBooks Program. Close all the instances and then close
the Task Manager. Refresh the desktop by pressing F5 button from keyboard and then try to open the
QuickBooks application again.

QuickBooks Updates and Disable Hosting/Multiple Hosting

Now since we have verified that its single instance running and still QuickBooks is not opening then we
need to isolate the QuickBooks Program from QuickBooks Data file or Company File. We also need to
ensure here that the version of QuickBooks we are using is updated to the latest release or not.
This time when QuickBooks is opened ensure to double click QuickBooks Icon with CTRL Key pressed on
the keyboard and keep CTRL key pressed till Company file selection screen pop’s up. Now open the
sample company file. Still getting error then recommended is to call QuickBooks Technical Support
Phone Numbers and report the scenario to QuickBooks Pro-Advisor. QuickBooks Pro-Advisors are
equipped to take the access of clients’ computer remotely and then repair QuickBooks Application.
After QuickBooks reaches the Company file selection window select the desired company file. Go to file
menu and select Utilities and then select Stop hosting multiuser Access. Also ensure that there is no
other computer is hosting the company file except the server. So turn off all the hosting from other
computer except Server. Now again try opening the QuickBooks program and see if you get any error
while opening QuickBooks.

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