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QuickBooks Error HXXX

QuickBooks Error H505, H202, H101, or H303.

Incorrect configuration settings of Host Computer – HXXX error can be seen when the Hosting configuration of Host computer is incorrect. Go to the host computer and check if the Host Multiuser Access is turned on in File menu under Utilities, if not then turn on the Multiuser Access and click on Yes for confirmation. Ensure Hosting is not turned on for any other user within the network sharing the same file. 

Incorrect Setting of QuickBooks Firewall Ports – Windows Firewall can prevent the incoming and outgoing communication for QuickBooks Company File in QuickBooks Multiuser Network due to firewall Ports are not configured properly. Windows Firewall ports setting is a crucial segment where expertise is required and hence it is highly recommended to perform the steps under supervision of QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisors or Contact QuickBooks Technical Support Phone numbers and take help from QuickBooks Experts. 

To Configure the Windows Firewall Setting – Click on Windows logo and type Firewall on the search bar, open windows Firewall and click on Advanced Settings. On the Left Side, Right Click on Outbound Rules and check if QuickBooks Rule is already set. If not Set, then select New Rule and Choose Ports and then Click Next. 

 Choose TCP, In the local ports, Enter the Port Numbers is follows –  

  • QuickBooks 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
  • QuickBooks 2016: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
  • QuickBooks 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382

Go to Next and click on Allow the Connections. 

Follow the same steps to verify and create the Inbound Rules. Open QuickBooks in multi-user mode again. 

 QuickBooks Database Service Not StartedHXXX error can also occur if the QuickBooks Database Service is either accidently stopped or not started. In order to check and restart the QuickBooks Database service, go to the Host Computer and click windows logo and got to QuickBooks Database Service – Start the service and the check the client end in multiuser mode. 

QuickBooks File Doctor – Download QuickBooks File Doctor on the desktop location of the host computer and run the program. QuickBooks File Doctor will check for H Series errors and automatically resolves most of the QuickBooks Multiuser Network errors or problems. 

quickbooks h202

QuickBooks Error H202

QuickBooks Multiuser setup works efficiently without issues however any changes in Operating System or software installed which deals with networks or network ports may lead to QuickBooks Multiuser network issues and generates QuickBooks Error h202. There are several reason of failure of QuickBooks Multiuser Network, here we are going to discuss major reasons and their solutions.

Note: In case of HXXX error, it is recommended to contact QuickBooks Error Support and talk to the QuickBooks expert Pro-Advisors as missing out any important step or messing up with any of the configuration of windows may lead to crash windows Operating System or QuickBooks Desktop Software.  

In The QuickBooks Multiuser interface when the user is trying to connect to a company file located on a different host computer and QuickBooks can’t communicate with the company file then the QuickBooks error H505, H202, H101, or H303 can appear majorly due to the issues mentioned below. 

QuickBooks Recoverable Errors

Quickbooks Error Customer Support Number : +1 877-756-9341

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most robust Accounting solution among Intuit Accounting software. However still there are annoying situations occurs where your smooth flow of work get interrupted with “Quickbooks Error Customer Support“. It’s quite common with QuickBooks users to see “QuickBooks has encountered an issue and is closed now.

Today we will discuss about Why QuickBooks Unrecoverable error and How to resolve Unrecoverable error with QuickBooks.

For instant and easy resolution, you may take help of QB expert QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Support number.

Why QB Unrecoverable Error?

The reason behind QB Unrecoverable Error is data mismatch with in company data file. This happens due to the following reasons

  • When the data is not updated as per the set procedure
  • The financial transaction is not completed and database file is closed abruptly
  • Company data file is gone bad or corrupted
  • Quickbooks Error Customer Support

How to fix QB Unrecoverable Error

There are solutions as per the situations

Solutions 1: Unrecoverable error while Opening QuickBooks Software

Step 1: Close the error message and restart the computer

Step 2: Right Click on the QuickBooks icon and Click on open file Location

Step 3: Search for Restart.Bat file

Step 4: Execute Restart.bat file

Step 5: Restart the QuickBooks Software

Check if the error exists.

Solution 2: Unrecoverable error while Opening Company File

Step 1: Close the error and check the location of Company file.

Step 2: Go to the company file Location and locate the company file.

Step 3: Copy the company file with the extension .QBW

Step 4: Create a temporary folder on desktop

Step 5: Paste the file in temporary folder

Step 6: Go back to the original Company file folder and delete/rename all the files with your company file.

Step 7: Close all folders and Open QuickBooks Company file from temporary folder

Check if the error persists if no error persists

Step 8: Perform Verify Rebuild on company file

Step 9: Close company file

Step 10: Move all the files with company file name from temporary folder to original folder of company file

Step 11: Again open the QuickBooks company file from original location

Check for no errors

Solution 3: Unrecoverable error while working on QuickBooks company file

Step 1: Reopen company file

Step 2: Perform Verify Rebuild on company file.

Step 3: Close company file

Step 4: Reopen the company file and perform the required transaction

Check for the error occurs again.

If the error persists Call the expert on QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number and provide the details, dedicated QB support expert will take care of the issue.