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QuickBooks Point Of Sales & support

QuickBooks Point Of Sales

As the name suggest Quickbooks Point of Sale & support is a complete solution for sales with inventory control system and customer relationship management. Point of Sales has successfully automated sales, inventory and customer management together with connecting them to banking services making the entire process like piece of cake. The beauty of QuickBooks POS is the ease and user friendly interactive way of handling multi location sales and inventory control system. Point of Sales offers its solutions for standalone computers, web based networks and mobile based users.

On sales desk QuickBooks POS is featured with barcode scanning, Price check, Printing receipts, Debit credit notes, refunds, discounts and managing complicated processes like layaways, exchanges, Quotations, Gift Cards and customer related history with reporting’s.

QuickBooks POS is fully automated and capable of managing inventory controls featuring Inventory classification, Inventory Forecasting, Bill or materials, Inventory Matrix, Work in progress or Kit Assembly, Price tag customization, customer orders and back orders etc.

QuickBooks POS is also featured with employee management as it is capable to define security access levels, Clock in and Clock out, performance tracking and Incentives or commission management.

The best part of QuickBooks Point of Sales is its day end activity – it gets integrated with native QuickBooks Accounting Software and Payroll to enter the sales and payroll related information directly into Accounting software avoiding double entry, which helps is activities like sales audits and accounts receivable / payable reporting or payroll processing.

Although QuickBooks Point of Sales performs seamlessly perfect however still it’s a machine and can fail at times and that’s the most annoying time when customer is on sales desk and sales register is not opening or freezing. There are more issues like Item not populating in the list after scanning the barcode, Price category or Discount coupon related issues, Inventory is not in sync with multi store locations, credit or debit card not accepting with scanner, Inventory not reporting correctly, etc. All these issue are fixable and just need to contact QuickBooks Point of Sales Helpdesk numbers. The QuickBooks POS certified Pro-Advisors are experienced and trained enough to cater the all kind of QuickBooks POS related issue in no time. 

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