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windows update error support number The latest versions of Microsoft office productivity suite are agile to the latest technology trends and opens new heavens to deliver the best business experience across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. The features newly been incorporated are like built-in screen capture tool, author permissions, protected document mode, background removal tool, new Smart Art templates and. The 2007 ‘Office’ Button is also been modified with a menu button that takes you to a Backstage View – full window file menu, giving an easy access to perform common tasks like sharing and printing.

The new designed ribbon interface allows to access frequently used applications and tasks related to the programs. All the Microsoft office applications have the new redesigned ribbon feature including Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Project, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Outlook

Let’s have a glance over Microsoft office Installation and Setup procedure

When installing MS office setup, the wizard is going to ask to upgrade, uninstall and replace or overwrite the previous version of Microsoft office suite or may be a partial application installed on the computer.

Here we will guide you with the steps for installing Microsoft office 2016 along with Microsoft office 2007. If you already have Microsoft office 2007 installed on your computer and you want to keep the existing version without getting files overwritten then you need to install the new version of Microsoft office on to a different folder other than the default folder. The following steps will sail you through the process of installing Microsoft office 2016 on top of existing Microsoft office 2007 so that both the version of Office suits should work smoothly, without any issues or conflicts.

Step 1: Locate the Microsoft office 2016 Setup from the downloaded location and run the setup file. On the setup wizard select customized when prompted to choose the preference in type of Microsoft office 2016 installation from upgrade or customize.

Step 2: Browse to locate the different folder which should not be same as Microsoft office 2007 or any other previous version installed. Like X: \Microsoft\office2016

Step 3: Follow the setup wizard till finish, by installing Microsoft office new version this way will not affect any previous installation of Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Note: After the completion of Microsoft Office 2016 setup, all the documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other data files will be updated to Microsoft Office 2016 format however it can be downgraded by using utilities. This could be a simplest method to repair and reinstall Microsoft office 2007 installation.